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lpha Video Productions

Awards and Memberships


The New York International Film Festival, Finalist

“The Book Comes to Barillas” CAM Int’l

CBN Feature Story of the Year

“The Chris Early Story”

Videographer Award of Excellence

“The Faces of Honduras” CAM Int’l

The World Vision Award of Excellence

1999 Alumni of the Year Award, Belhaven College

Susan and Gary Bauer, joint recipients

Telly Awards

Hawaiian Islands Ministries promos (3)

MasterGuard Recruiting

Communicator Awards

“Time is a Killer II” MasterGuard

“Summer in the City II” Voice of Hope

Aegis Awards

“Ukraine Harvest” Mission to the World

“Honolulu ‘97” Hawaiian Islands Ministries

MarCom Creative Gold Award

   "3 Minutes to Revival"

    Hawaiian Islands Ministries

Professional Memberships

Texas Association of Film/Tape Professionals (TAF/TP)

Media Communications Association Internat'l (MCA-I, formerly ITVA)