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For 21 years, Gary and Susan Bauer have “told stories” as a team, combining their complimentary gifts at Alpha Video to show God at work in the world. The adventure has taken them to Austria, Colombia, England, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Ukraine (former USSR) and they have worked for a variety of Christian organizations. A Ministry/Mission Demo is available.

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“The Lord has taken us one step at a time,” says owner Gary Bauer. “We have experienced His faithfulness firsthand. We started by shooting freelance, then bought an edit system and later added our first camera. Now we’re on our third edit system and third, fourth and fifth camera packages.”

“Through video,” Susan adds, “our desire is to bring each ministry or mission setting—complete with its unique people, situation, and message—to those who can’t experience it personally. We try to make our videos so real that viewers will be motivated to get involved themselves in the exciting work the Lord is doing around the world today.”

At times, the work is emotionally difficult. For example, orphans and widows in Ukraine—and others in the Third World—live in heartbreaking situations. “Yet,” Susan explains, “we can see for ourselves the huge difference the Gospel is making and the hope that knowing Christ brings.”

Gary came to Christ at age 16 at a Billy Graham Crusade in Houston’s Astrodome. Susan made her public profession of faith at age 11 during a Presbyterian revival. After growing up practically in the same Dallas neighborhood, Gary and Susan met while attending Belhaven College, an evangelical Presbyterian liberal arts school in Jackson, Mississippi. Gary continued training in communications, theology, and counseling at Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, California, while Susan worked in missions research and donor relations at World Vision International. They are active members of Lake Ridge Bible Church in Mesquite, Texas, and speak at mission conferences.

“The Lord gave us inspiration and creativity,” says Gary. “He opened doors to learn our craft, and He provides fulfilling work for us to do.”

We love because He first loved us. I John 4:19

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